The Death of Feature Phones?

Sony recently announced that it was paying over 1.05 billion euros to buy out Ericsson, it’s partner in the mobile phone sector. They also commented that this acquisition would bring a change in direction for the company as they phase out feature phones and concentrate solely on producing new smartphones. claims:...

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The State of Mobile Internet – Infographic

Oct 28, 11 The State of Mobile Internet – Infographic

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WebHostingBuzz has created an infographic showing the current state of the mobile internet. Some interesting points: - Males spend more time on their smarphones than females and prefer the Android operating system (61% to 39%) . Females typically prefer Blackberrys (59% to 41%) and iOS and Symbian are used fairly equally by both...

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David Naylor Gets New Responsive Web Design

Oct 28, 11 David Naylor Gets New Responsive Web Design

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If you work or are interested in SEO and Search marketing, you might have been on David Naylor’s site. He has just announced a new design which is a big step forward in terms of responsiveness and designing for mobile users. Using CSS and media queries, the David Naylor site presents different navigation to users using desktop...

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The Importance of Optimising Emails for Mobile

In terms of improving user experience on mobile devices, email marketing is often overlooked – but recently it has been gaining some attention. Econsultancy picked out a great example of how optimising email campaigns for mobiles can hugely increase open rates and CTR in their recent innovation report. To promote their new...

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Introduction to QR Codes

Oct 26, 11 Introduction to QR Codes

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QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and were originally created by Denso Wave (Part of Toyota) to track parts during car manufacturing. They have since found their way into the world of mobile marketing. QR codes are like standard barcodes you see on everyday items in shops, except that they are two dimensional, instead of...

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