Black Friday & Cyber Monday Go Mobile – Infographic

Dec 21, 11 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Go Mobile – Infographic

An infographic created by Monetate shows that over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, sales on mobiles and tablets increased from last year and sales on desktops decreased.

Mobiles have the highest bounce rate compared to the others, most likely because many online stores are not yet optimised for mobile users. However, it is thought that mobiles are more often used for researching purchases when on the move, and then the sales are made elsewhere e.g. in store or at home on the desktop, so the usefulness of mobile in the customer purchase journey shouldn’t be underestimated. Tablet bounce rates are only slightly higher than desktops, signalling good customer experiences.

Conversion rates correlate with bounce rates, with mobile having the lowest and desktop the highest, but again, tablets are not far behind desktops in this area either.

These trends are likely to continue throughout the Christmas period and into 2012 and beyond, with tablets and mobile devices looking set to eventually eclipse desktops in terms of online sales. However, this will only happen if retailers provide good experiences to all their users, no matter what device they are using.

holiday mcommerce infographic

(Link to orginal infographic from Monetate:


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    Great infographic, thanks for posting!

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