O2 Launches Europe’s Largest Free Wifi Hub in Time for London Olympics

Jan 10, 12 O2 Launches Europe’s Largest Free Wifi Hub in Time for London Olympics

Network operator O2 is rolling out what is set to be Europe’s largest free wireless internet hub in time for the London 2012 Olympics this year.

The deal, made between O2, Westminster City Council and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, will come at no cost to the taxpayer and looks to ensure that visitors to the city during the Olympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year have fast, reliable internet access which will help to make their experience in London easier and more enjoyable.

The free wifi will be launched in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea, but the service will eventually be rolled out to a number of other London boroughs, making wireless internet access available to millions of London residents and businesses in the long term.

The news comes just months after Nokia announced that they were launching free wifi in central London with the aim to eventually provide the service on the London Underground network.

If other networks and companies follow suit, London could have extensive wireless internet access by the end of the year, making mobile web browsing much easier and cheaper.  Since central London is the focus of this wifi launch, it is likely to affect major high street retailers as consumers browse the web and compare prices as they shop.


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