New Website Lets You Compare Phone & Screen Sizes

Jan 30, 12 New Website Lets You Compare Phone & Screen Sizes is a new website that lets you compare the size of phones. Whilst this is mainly aimed at people who are looking to purchase a new mobile phone and want to see how much bigger or smaller alternative devices are, we think it could also make a handy tool for mobile web designers who want to know the screen sizes of various models.

The site lets you choose a number of phones and as well as showing actual size images of the devices, it also gives you the specifications underneath, including screen size in pixels, inches and PPI. Whilst this site doesn’t show websites on the mobile screens, so it can’t be used as an emulator or for testing designs, it is good as a quick reference if you need to know the exact pixels of a few different mobile phone screens.


compare phone size

Do you think you will make use of this new site? Let us know how useful you think it will be in the comments.


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  1. Great tool, thanks for sharing!

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