Google’s 12 Predictions for Mobile in 2012

Feb 28, 12 Google’s 12 Predictions for Mobile in 2012

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Google has just completed their new “Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users” research (conducted with Ipsos) in order to gain a deeper insight into how consumers use smartphones. Google’s blog post can be found here and the full “Our Mobile Planet” report can be downloaded here. Some key findings...

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Pingit App from Barclays Allows Customers to Send & Receive Money via Mobile

Feb 18, 12 Pingit App from Barclays Allows Customers to Send & Receive Money via Mobile

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Barclays bank has launched a new app, Pingit, which allows account holders in the UK to send a receive money through their mobiles. This is the first service of its kind to be introduced by a UK bank. The app is free to download and use and is available on the iPhone, Android and Blackberry operating systems. Once they have linked...

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Cisco Predicts More Mobiles Than People in 2012

Cisco have published their latest Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, which includes traffic projections and growth trends for mobile for 2011 to 2016. One of the highlights of this report is the prediction that very soon there will be more mobile devices than there are people on the planet. Cisco says: “By the end...

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In-Aisle Mobile Marketing – Infographic

Feb 05, 12 In-Aisle Mobile Marketing – Infographic

Posted by in Infographics, MCommerce Digital Marketing agency, White Horse have created an infographic using data from their report “The Future of In-Aisle Mobile” which was published last year. The report details the rise of the use of smartphones to help decision...

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London Underground Stations to get WiFi in Time for Olympics

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that WiFi will be available on all London Underground station platforms in time for the Olympics this summer. The initiative was trialled at Charing Cross station in November 2010 began in November 2010 and the WiFi was made available by BT Openzone. Travel information could be viewed for...

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