Mobify Launches New Tablet Optimisation Tool

Mar 08, 12 Mobify Launches New Tablet Optimisation Tool

Mobify, a platform for launching mobile websites, has launched an optimisation product for tablets which aims to make it easier to convert desktop websites to more tablet-friendly designs.

Some of the ways it improves site for tablets are optimising text for tablet-based reading, reducing load times, simplifying the layout and utilising gesture-based interfaces. CEO of Mobify, Igor Faletski, says that the new product is easy to implement using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Many companies feel that they don’t need to optimise their site for tablets, since the large screens allow for a fairly good user experience anyway, but as traffic from tablets continues to increase, not to mention the constant release of new devices, it is important to improve the customer experience in any way possible.

Faletski says: “A desktop website can work for now, and the buttons don’t break, but in a year or two, it’s going to be so competitive that if your site isn’t amazing, customers will shop at Amazon.”

Have you optimised or are you planning to optimise your website for tablets? Which method did you use? Let us know in the comments.


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