Crap Brapps – Name & Shame Rubbish Apps

Apr 28, 12 Crap Brapps – Name & Shame Rubbish Apps

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For all the help we try to give, some companies still get it very wrong when it comes to developing their own branded apps. So, in order to name and shame these terrible apps a new blog called Crap Brapps (Short for Branded-Apps) has been created. Some brands that appear on the blog include Bacardi, Puma, Polycell, KFC, Greggs...

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Optimise Your Images for Retina Displays with Retina Images

Apr 26, 12 Optimise Your Images for Retina Displays with Retina Images

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Following our post on optimising sites for the retina display, Jeremy Warboys of Complex Compulsions has a method for presenting high-res images to users without the device having to download both versions of the image. The method, called Retina Images, uses PHP to serve different images to the user based on the device they are...

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Study Shows Not Enough Research Going Into Apps

Following a new report from Juniper Research, more than 66 billion mobile apps are predicted to be downloaded by the year 2016.  This figure is up 112% from 31 billion in 2011. The research also states that by 2016, revenue from mobile apps will reach $51.7 billion. Juniper looked at the next four years in terms of mobile apps and...

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Mobile Shopping Trends Signal Lack of Information for Consumers

In an article written for Mashable, Jinal Shah, digital strategist at JWT in New York, has outlined seven facts about mobile shopping that might surprise you. A study was conducted, focusing on adults who used a smartphone or tablet to shop over the last holiday season. The results show that consumers are constantly using their...

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NFC Infographic from Posterscope

Apr 11, 12 NFC Infographic from Posterscope

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Posterscope and Clear Channel have created an infographic following research on consumer adoption of mobile NFC. 1000 online interviews were conducted on smartphone owners from the USA and the UK and found insights into consumer awareness and understanding of NFC, QR Codes, Augmented Reality, Mobile Payments and other emerging...

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Business Insider – The Future of Mobile Slide Deck

Apr 02, 12 Business Insider – The Future of Mobile Slide Deck

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On March 21st, Business Insider hosted their Ignition West: Future of Mobile conference in San Francisco. The aim of Ignition West was to explore the future of mobile through high-level discussions with executives and leading entrepreneurs as well as demos from emerging startups. Ignition West will discuss what’s happening...

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