NFC Infographic from Posterscope

Apr 11, 12 NFC Infographic from Posterscope

Posterscope and Clear Channel have created an infographic following research on consumer adoption of mobile NFC.

1000 online interviews were conducted on smartphone owners from the USA and the UK and found insights into consumer awareness and understanding of NFC, QR Codes, Augmented Reality, Mobile Payments and other emerging mobile technologies.

The infographic below shows that NFC currently has 51% awareness with just 18% of respondents having ever used the technology. When you compare this with 94% awareness and 65% usage for QR codes, it’s clear that NFC still has a way to go before it is widely accepted into everyday life.

90% of respondents identified local information as a perceived benefit from these mobile technologies, with ease of access to content coming in 2nd with 86%. Just 51% saw checking in via location services as an important benefit.

One particularly astounding fact that this research has uncovered is that 6 out of 10 people who have an NFC-enabled smartphone do not actually realise it. In addition to this, of the 19% of respondents that have a contactless payment card, just 1/3rd of people have used them. This perhaps means that phone manufacturers and networks should have more responsibility to educate customers about the potential uses and benefits of NFC.

The full infographic is below, click for the large version.

nfc infographic from Posterscope

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