Emart in Korea Creates Shadow QR Code

May 05, 12 Emart in Korea Creates Shadow QR Code

Emart (the Korean Walmart) have developed an ingenious way of driving more sales over the quieter lunchtime period- a clever, sculptural QR code that only works between 12pm and 1pm, due to the angle of the sun.

When scanned by a smartphone, the QR code activates the Sunny Sale promotion, offering discounts and a $12 coupon which can be used on Emart’s mobile website or in physical stores. The QR codes have been placed in 36 locations and 12,000 coupons have been bought. Emart membership increased 58% from the previous month and the stores saw a 25% increase in lunchtime sales after the introduction of this campaign.

Watch the video below to see it in action…

Whilst this campaign obviously saw good results, it seems like more of a PR stunt to us. Nothing wrong with that though, we think it’s a really cool idea. Let us know what you think of the shadow QR code in the comments.


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