Get Your Business Ready for Mobile with ‘The Mobile Playbook’ from Google

May 13, 12 Get Your Business Ready for Mobile with ‘The Mobile Playbook’ from Google

Google has recently launched what they are calling “The Mobile Playbook” – A book-like mobile site which aims to help businesses who are wondering how to get their brand or products into the mobile market. Subtitled “The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile”, the book was written by Jason Spero, Google’s head of mobile sales and strategy, and Johanna Werther, Google’s Senior Product Marketing Manager for Mobile Ads.

Google believes that the current question being asked by organisations is no longer “Why should I invest in mobile?” but “How should I invest in mobile?” The Mobile Playbook aims to answer this question by outlining and answering the following five, more specific, “crucial mobile questions”:

1. How does mobile change our value proposition?
2. How does mobile impact our digital destinations?
3. How is our organization adapting to mobile?
4. How should our marketing adapt to mobile?
5. How can we connect with our tablet audience?

The advice concludes with a checklist of actions that aim to help businesses get on board with mobile and define the correct strategy for their brand. Examples of the actions include:
  • Define your value proposition by determining what your consumer wants to do with your business in mobile. Benchmark against others in your industry for ideas.
  • Build a mobile website. Once you have a mobile website, check the stats and optimize based on consumer usage.
  • Build an app for a subset of your audience after your mobile site strategy is in place. Don’t forget to promote your app.
  • Assign a Mobile Champion in your company and empower them with a cross-functional task force.
  • Separate mobile-specific search campaigns from desktop search campaigns so you can test, measure and develop messaging specific for mobile.
  • Check out your tablet consumer’s experience with your brand. Take 5 minutes today and search for your brand on a tablet as a consumer would. What’s working? What’s not? Maximize the tablet environment with rich media creative.

Google's Mobile Playbook

We think it seems like a great place to start if you own a business and are unsure of how to venture into the scary world of mobile. Have you read The Mobile Playbook or followed any of Google’s advice? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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    Really helpful, thanks for recommending this!

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