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  1. jithin
    May 27, 2012

    good work its really helpful for me thanks for sharing this awesome post

  2. Mark
    June 26, 2012

    Thanks for the great list, very useful. I work for htmlslicemate.com and we have our own responsive design testing tool if you would like to take a look: http://www.htmlslicemate.com/responsive-design-testing

  3. Rositsa ‘roz’ Zaharieva
    July 2, 2012

    Great collection! Came quite in handy today at my full-time job when I was developing our website’s mobile version! Thanks! :)

  4. Remi Grumeau
    August 15, 2012

    Those are good, but can’t be used locally or on websites in production.
    This can: https://github.com/remi-grumeau/Responsive-Design-Tester

  5. Dion
    October 17, 2012

    Awesome, thanks for this list. I had not heard of a couple of these tools, will be sure to check them out.

  6. Nuthan
    October 17, 2012

    Nice one, really helpful for those creating and working with responsive web designs.

  7. Nuthan
    October 17, 2012

    This is great, although I wish there was a tool to test on local files rather than live sites.

  8. DesignFacet
    October 24, 2012

    I love the Responsinator, wondering if they going to add a mini ipad for it?

  9. Nicola
    November 13, 2012

    Very useful! Thanks a lot!

  10. Frank
    November 22, 2012

    Thanks for this fine compilation! My two cents:
    The Resize-feature of the Web-Developer-Add-on for Firefox and Chrome has a simple tool with 6 layouts which you can use locally, too (http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/; Resize>View Responsive Layouts).

    @Remi Grumeau: Thanks, but don’t know how to get the Responsive-Design-Tester to work. I need some include files in XAMPP. Didn’t look deeper.

    • Mihi
      April 18, 2013

      Thank you so much. I was looking for a tool to use where I can view my website locally :) ! this add on is very useful

  11. Mike Developer
    March 15, 2013

    These are all nice for checking layout, but has anyone found an emulator that will also resize the fonts. These do not. I have started using relative font sizes (rem) to that of the device for my responsive templates. These respond gracefully on my devices that I can test on. Unfortunately, I am not a rich man who can afford to go out and purchase every device out there and test on so I’m looking for a true device emulator.

  12. amanatin nabila
    March 21, 2013

    I also really liked this site services http://doresponsive.info for checking responsive themes

  13. metrathon
    April 23, 2013

    Nice, but none of these are simulators. They are just screen re-sizing tools. None of them take into account pixel density, font re-size, etc. For a true mobile/tablet testing they are useless.

  14. Rapidcoder
    April 28, 2013

    You can also try our tool as well

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