Johnson & Johnson’s Discover Nursing Site Gets Responsive Design

Jun 04, 12 Johnson & Johnson’s Discover Nursing Site Gets Responsive Design

Johnson and Johnson have launched a new responsive website to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Campaign for Nursing’s Future.

The site allows current and prospective nurses to access a wide variety of information where ever they are, including info for current current nursing students, details on how to become a nurse, finding a nursing speciality, facts and figures about nursing and profiles of other nurses and students.

Available at, the site uses a number of stylesheets with media queries to change the grid layout from 3 columns for a large screen, 2 columns for a smaller tablet-sized screen and 1 column with an optimised navigation for mobiles.

Here you can see the large, 3 column layout:

campaign for nursing mobile site

And the mobile layout:

discover nursing mobile site

As you can see the navigation has been optimised for touchscreens at lower screen sizes.

Johnson and Johnson worked with digital agency R/GA on the new site. Executive Creative Director of R/GA, John Berman, states:

The mobile strategy for the campaign is to give prospective nurses and current nurses seamless access to the wealth of information on, whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet or PC…It’s crucial that brands deliver real value in that first encounter, and it’s a credit to Johnson & Johnson that they’re early believers in this mobile-first philosophy.

At TMWDB, we are really pleased that such a high profile company has chosen to roll out a responsive design. It’s only a matter of time before designs like this are seen as a necessity by large companies as more and more people use mobiles as their primary screen.

What do you think of Johnson and Johnson’s responsive design? Let us know in the comments below.

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