Beautiful QR Code Paintings from Yiying Lu

Jun 09, 12 Beautiful QR Code Paintings from Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu, the artist famous for creating Twitter’s Fail Whale, has showcased her latest project – Beautiful Traps QR Codes – with a video which you can see below.

The artwork is painted predominantly in watercolours and features women wearing 7 different carnivorous plants as hats, which contain the QR codes within the intricate details of the plants. The QR codes are fully scannable with a smartphone and send the user to the video of the art on Vimeo. You can view all the Beautiful Traps pieces on Yiying Lu’s website.

We love how Yiying Lu has incorporated QR codes into these beautiful paintings, and it’s not the first time she’s used QR codes in creative ways. She previously completed a series of illustrations for US fashion Magazine “Meets Obsession” which promoted their  “10 Most Intriguing in Fashion” feature. View the fashion illustrations here.

yiying lu beautiful traps QR code art

What do you think of the paintings? Do you think QR codes will continue to be used in these creative ways in the future?

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  1. Yup, I think we’ll be seeing more uses for QR codes in the future. However, we will also be seeing Augmented Reality (particularly Layar) too.

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