Optimising Mobile Landing Pages – Search Engine Watch’s Recommendations

Jul 31, 12 Optimising Mobile Landing Pages – Search Engine Watch’s Recommendations

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Search Engine Watch have published their recommendations for creating great mobile landing pages, titled Mobile Landing Page Optimization – 10 Best Practices for Success. Search Engine Watch state: “Landing pages can be used for PPC ads, mobile app downloads, promotional campaigns and more. Optimization tactics are...

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Media Queries Now Official Web Standard

Jul 28, 12 Media Queries Now Official Web Standard

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The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) are an international community which develops the protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term growth of the Web, and they have just announced that media queries are now a legitimate recommendation. This means that browsers now have to support them, which is great news for fans of...

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Companies Losing Out By Not Encouraging Mobile Purchases

In a previous post, we talked about how advertisers are not keeping up with users in terms of focusing their spend on areas other than mobile, despite users spending most of their time on their phones. This trend continues with mobile marketers who are ignoring users’ typical behaviour to the potential detriment of conversion...

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NFC for Mobile Payments Won’t Catch on Until 2015

NFC technology has come a long way since its inception in 1983 with the RFID patent, but it seems marketers have not yet caught on to its full potential. A recent study by Gartner found that whilst mobile payments are growing and transactions are likely to surpass $171.5 billion this year, NFC transactions are not expected to rise...

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The Rise of Mobile – Infographic

Jul 03, 12 The Rise of Mobile – Infographic

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The following infographic details some of the key facts about the mobile industry at this moment. It was created Trinity Digital Marketing. Some key takeaways include: - 87% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone - 30% of mobile subscriptions are in China and India - Nokia is the number one handset manufacturer and...

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Mobile Advertising Not Getting Attention It Deserves

A recent post on The Atlantic by Derek Thompson highlights the disparity between how consumers are spending their time and where companies are spending their advertising budgets. The below graph shows that, currently, 10% of consumers’ attention is focused on mobile devices, with print receiving just 7% of attention. In...

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