Mobile Marketing Fact Pack From Ad Age

Ad Age has published their 2012 ‘Mobile Marketing Fact Pack‘ which contains a wealth of information on the current mobile marketing industry. The report includes the following chapters: Mobile Ad Spending US mobile ad spending by format and global mobile ad spend by region. Platform and OEM Smartphone subscribers by...

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40% of Top UK Brands Have a Mobile Optimised Site

Aug 26, 12 40% of Top UK Brands Have a Mobile Optimised Site

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The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released research revealing the benefits of  implementing a mobile site for your brand. The research used data from GSMA Mobile Media Metrics (MMM),  a partnership between comScore, the GSMA and the UK mobile operators, and Google’s GetMoMeter tool to manually check the top 100 UK...

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Mobile Phone Sales Drop in Q2 as Consumers Wait for iPhone 5

Gartner have reported that global sales of mobile phones have dropped 2.3% in Q2, as consumers eagerly await Apple’s iPhone 5 launch. Read the full press release here. There were 419 million mobiles sold to end users in the second quarter of 2012, which was a 2.3% decline from the same time last year. Anshul Gupta, principal...

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Will MCommerce Overtake ECommerce? – Infographic

Aug 07, 12 Will MCommerce Overtake ECommerce? – Infographic

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This infographic by BigCommerce discusses whether MCommerce will eventually overtake ECommerce, and some of the stats are very interesting. The infographic mentions QR codes, NFC and mobile wallets, the difference between men and women in terms of mobile purchasing, the most common purchases made on mobiles as well as some...

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Responsive eCommerce – Slides by Brendan Falkowski

Aug 05, 12 Responsive eCommerce – Slides by Brendan Falkowski

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Brendan Falkowski of Gravity Department recently delivered a presentation entitled “Responsive eCommerce: Design Once, Sell Everywhere” at Magento Imagine 2012 conference. The slides are excellent, with detailed backgrounds on the mobile industry and responsive design, multiple case studies and many technical...

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