Mobile Marketing Fact Pack From Ad Age

Aug 27, 12 Mobile Marketing Fact Pack From Ad Age

Ad Age has published their 2012 ‘Mobile Marketing Fact Pack‘ which contains a wealth of information on the current mobile marketing industry.

The report includes the following chapters:

Mobile Ad Spending

US mobile ad spending by format and global mobile ad spend by region.

Platform and OEM

Smartphone subscribers by platform, mobile phone OEMs by share of market and network operator share.


Mobile phone and tablet users by country, smartphone user growth and demographic details.


Most visited sites, most used apps, details on how users use their mobile phones and a list of popular activities performed on mobile devices while watching TV.

Mobile Ad Networks

Mobile ad network market share.


Largest US mobile agencies by revenue.

Ad Age mobile fact pack

There are some interesting learnings to come out of this report so we recommend giving it a read. Free registration is required to download the report.


  1. I’m not completely sold yet on mobile advertising. I saw that a majority of the clicks were frauds or by accident.

  2. This pack has loads of helpful info in, thanks for sharing. website design

  3. Very interesting report, particularly the share of market stats.


  1. Marcus - Brilliant, needed some of these stats for a blog post, thanks!

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