2 million iPhone 5s Ordered in First 24 Hours

Over 2 million iPhone 5 handsets have been pre-ordered in just 24 hours following its release, Apple has confirmed. This is double the amount of pre-orders made for the previous model, the iPhone 4S. Apple said it was “blown away” by the positive response from consumers. The new phone, which sports a 4-inch screen,...

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Family Farm Creates World’s Largest QR Code

A family farm in Alberta has created the world’s largest QR code using a carefully grown corn field. The Kraay Family Farm is normally famous for their corn field mazes, and they have been growing them for 13 years, but their new creation has earned them an official Guinness Word Record. The QR code measures 29,000 square...

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iPhone 5 Has a 4-inch Screen & No NFC

The iPhone 5 has arrived! And it seems that all the rumours were true… As we mentioned previously, the new model has a 4-inch screen (half an inch more than the previous iPhones) giving users 5 rows of apps instead of 4. There is still a Retina display which offers the same 326ppi as before, but with the extra length the...

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iPhone 5 & iPad Mini Launch – Will Your Web Design Be Affected?

So, the general consensus is that, in just a couple of days time, the iPhone 5 will be unveiled and a new set of specs will create hell for mobile web developers and designers. Various sources, including Tech Radar and T3, suggest that the new iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch screen with a resolution of 640 x 1136. That’s quite a...

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How Mobile is Changing Travel – Infographic

Sep 05, 12 How Mobile is Changing Travel – Infographic

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Expedia have created an infographic showing how mobiles have influenced travel. The infographic details that 70% of users who book a hotel room 24 hours before their stay use a mobile phone. Booking of flights was less common at around 20%, however mobile devices are clearly enabling travelers to book last minute trips more easily...

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Webcredible’s mCommerce Report 2012

Sep 04, 12 Webcredible’s mCommerce Report 2012

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Webcredible have released their annual mCommerce report, which you can download directly from here. Mobile experience specialists at Webcredible looked at how consumers interact with their smartphones and tried to understand their natural mobile shopping habits, which helped create a useful starting point for brands who are...

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