NFC Posters Coming to a Cinema Near You

Sep 03, 12 NFC Posters Coming to a Cinema Near You

DCM (Digital Cinema Media) has partnered with outdoor specialist Primesight to bring 100 NFC-enabled posters to cinemas across the UK.

DCM states:

The state of the art units will unlock even more creative opportunities for advertisers and deliver more effective, targeted campaigns through ground-breaking technology, allowing for two-way communication with the cinema-goer, brands will be able to tailor messages to the user with touch, Wi-Fi, NFC and QR embedded in the unit case. This means even more creative, more targeted and more effective campaigns in cinemas.”

2.5 million people are expected to see the posters, which will be placed mainly in foyer areas of Odeon, Cineworld and Vue cinemas. Frozen food brand Birds Eye will be first company to advertise on the new posters.

We’ll be keeping our eye out for these new posters – Let us know if you see any and tell us your thoughts on whether or not the NFC interaction element is a positive experience.

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