2 million iPhone 5s Ordered in First 24 Hours

Over 2 million iPhone 5 handsets have been pre-ordered in just 24 hours following its release, Apple has confirmed.

This is double the amount of pre-orders made for the previous model, the iPhone 4S. Apple said it was “blown away” by the positive response from consumers.

The new phone, which sports a 4-inch screen, is expected to hit stores on October 21st, although such a huge demand could result in delays.

The iPhone 5 will no doubt sell millions and, as designers, we should expect other handsets to follow suit with larger screens and increased pixel density in order to try and catch up. This mean we need think about our mobile sites more carefully: optimising images for retina displays, using responsive design techniques for varying screen sizes and making sure the load times are lightning fast.

If you haven’t optimised your site for mobile yet, what are you waiting for?! Consumers are increasingly choosing to use their phones rather than desktops to browse the web and purchasing via mobile devices is growing rapidly as more and more mobile sites offer seamless user experiences. If you’re not part of this, you are missing out big time!

To get started, read our introduction to responsive web design and how to optimise your images for the retina display.

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  1. Warren Philips /

    I’m not sold on the iPhone 5 yet, but I’m sure it will have a big impact on web design.


  1. Warren Philip - I am not convinced by the iPhone 5, I'll wait a few months before I get my new phone I …

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