OpenTable & DudaMobile Team Up to Offer Restaurants Free Mobile Websites

Oct 20, 12 OpenTable & DudaMobile Team Up to Offer Restaurants Free Mobile Websites

Posted by in Mobile Web Design

Online restaurant reservation platform OpenTable have partnered with DIY mobile website builder DudaMobile to offer small and medium-sized restaurants free mobile websites. Matthew Roberts, CEO of OpenTable told Mashable: “We want to eliminate the friction of making this move for our restaurant customers so they can provide...

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M for Mobile Release NFC Payments Report

NFC looks set to enable transactions totalling around €87 billion worldwide by 2015 so it’s essential for businesses to know how to position themsleves in order to capitalise on this boom. In order to aid businesses looking to delve into NFC technology, M for Mobile have released their latest NFC Payments Report (2012-13),...

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Google Updates Mobile Playbook

Oct 14, 12 Google Updates Mobile Playbook

Posted by in Mobile Marketing

We wrote a post introducing Google’s Mobile Playbook back in May, but this week Google have updated the site with some extra content to help businesses with their mobile strategies.   Mobile Creativity The Mobile Creativity section “explains why mobile is unique and powerful from a creative perspective, and shares...

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Spend Time With a Feature Phone & Change Your Mobile Marketing Outlook

Joshua Malin, chief marketing officer of Ez Texting, recently lost his iPhone due to a combination of shallow pockets and puddle-stretching, but knowing the iPhone 5 was to be released in a matter of days, he decided to wait it out and use a feature phone, or ‘dumb’ phone, in the meantime. What he learnt over the next...

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Plunk – Free Tool For Testing Usability of Mobile SItes

Oct 04, 12 Plunk – Free Tool For Testing Usability of Mobile SItes

Posted by in Mobile Web Design, Testing

We have posted a few times about mobile and responsive testing tools, but never before have we talked about a usability tool for mobile web designs… Plunk is a new app from Zurb that tracks exactly where users tap on your mobile site. To implement, you simply upload an image file of the page you want to test and you’ll...

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NFC Business Cards from

Oct 03, 12 NFC Business Cards from

Posted by in Fun, NFC, a custom business card store, is testing new NFC-enabled business cards that can provide users with much more information than standard cards.  The business cards are embedded with tiny microchips, which, when touched to a smartphone, send data to complete tasks such as saving contact details, loading web pages or...

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