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Oct 03, 12 NFC Business Cards from, a custom business card store, is testing new NFC-enabled business cards that can provide users with much more information than standard cards.

 The business cards are embedded with tiny microchips, which, when touched to a smartphone, send data to complete tasks such as saving contact details, loading web pages or maps, downloading photos or images, downloading apps or playing music or a video.

The owner of the cards can change or update the action over and over again, and the information on the card can be controlled even after they’ve been handed out, meaning you don’t have to worry about them going out of date.

moo nfc business cards

But with many new phones not carrying NFC technology, will this catch on? We think it’s certainly a novel idea, but whether enough people have access to, or are even aware of, Near Field Communication is the main issue facing Moo.

Read all about the NFC business cards on the Moo site here: and let us know what you think. Will you be ordering any?


  1. Web Designer Manchester /

    These cards sound a great idea. I’ve not heard of them before but with the way technology is advancing I am sure these will catch on.

  2. Sure thing!

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