Spend Time With a Feature Phone & Change Your Mobile Marketing Outlook

Joshua Malin, chief marketing officer of Ez Texting, recently lost his iPhone due to a combination of shallow pockets and puddle-stretching, but knowing the iPhone 5 was to be released in a matter of days, he decided to wait it out and use a feature phone, or ‘dumb’ phone, in the meantime.

What he learnt over the next week or so should serve as a lesson to all mobile marketers.

50% of people in the US and the UK still use feature phones, but SMS marketing is being pushed aside for newer, more technologically advanced tactics such as QR codes, apps and augmented reality. This means that 50% of potential consumers cannot see the majority of marketing efforts at all.

Having a feature phone with few capabilities beyond calling and texting opened Joshua’s eyes to the sheer amount of ads that were encouraging users to swipe their NFC enabled phones against a bus shelter, or hold their phone up to a poster to scan a QR code using an app – All things that 50% of people simply cannot do.

Joshua recommends that everyone who targets their customers with mobile marketing use nothing but a smartphone for a week in order to see just how half of all mobile users interact with their devices day to day. He summarises his experience by suggesting the following:

Look at the goal you are trying to accomplish. If a simple text messaging call-to-action will do the trick, do not overlook the old-fashioned option – and the 150 million Americans with feature phones in their pockets for whom this is the only option.

View the original article on Mobile Marketer.

So what do you think? Do you target your feature phone-using customers enough? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Interesting story! I am so attached to my smartphone, I’m not sure how I would cope with a dumb phone for more than a few hours :/ Definitely much to be learnt from this though.

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