M for Mobile Release NFC Payments Report

NFC looks set to enable transactions totalling around €87 billion worldwide by 2015 so it’s essential for businesses to know how to position themsleves in order to capitalise on this boom.

In order to aid businesses looking to delve into NFC technology, M for Mobile have released their latest NFC Payments Report (2012-13), which you can download here.

They state: “Predictions over the last 10 years have arguably been over optimistic for NFC payments with the industry taking its time to produce a workable and commercially viable NFC payment offering… However, with so much progress happening around the industry right now and a large number of independent sources making generous predictions for the next 5 years, it seems as though NFC payments is on the cusp of hitting the big time.

The report provides readers with some of the latest results from M for Mobile’s consumer survey which questioned over 3,000 participants.

Download the NFC Payments report and let us know what you think. Will your business be utilising NFC payments any time soon?



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