I’m Watch CES presentation

Jan 09, 13 I’m Watch CES presentation

Fresh from the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas I’m, the company that designed the world’s first smartwatch, has announced a new version of their ‘I’m Watch’, as well as an innovative GPS tracker.

The I’m Watch features an extra-high resolution and curved HD touchscreen and uses Bluetooth technology to connect to any smartphones running Android or iOS.

The watch features its own specially developed operating system called ‘I’m Droid’ which is based on Android. Since the OS is open source, the watch is highly customisable and is always evolving, thanks to a large community of developers.

Apps available on I’m Droid are similar to the apps you can get on most smartphones but have been optimised for the smaller screen and use of one hand. Basic apps include email, weather, news, photo gallery, address book, music player, Facebook and Twitter, as well as a call display for your smartphone, with many more niche apps including a guitar tuner, a currency converter and a stopwatch.

The I’m Watch also includes some extremely useful innovations such as the ‘I’m Cloud’ which helps you manage your apps and data through your smartphone and Smart Tethering which keeps the watch running for almost 2 days, despite its powerful processor.

The I’m Watch is is available in three different varieties: Colour Collection, Tech Collection and Jewel Collection. The Color Collection features an aluminium body, available in white, pink, blue, red, yellow and black. The Tech collection includes Titanum and Carbonium watches for those who want a watch that is strong, durable, light and ergonomic at the same time. The Jewel Collection is more luxurious, with gold and silver options.

We think this is a stunning and versatile watch that is sure to impress anyone you show it to. We particularly love the benefit of being able to see who is calling without pulling our phones out of our pockets or bags and it will also prove useful for controlling our music whist running or working out in the gym. We can’t wait to try it out and see if it lives up to expectations! We also believe this is a big step forward for mobile technology – As smartphones are getting bigger and many people are using tablets to manager their daily lives, a smartwatch makes an excellent compliment to these technologies and enables users to view their email and social media updates with much less hassle.

In addition to the I’m watch, I’m also chose CES to announce ‘I’m Here’ – a small, sleek and sophisticated GPS tracker. I’m Here is the first GPS tracker that identifies its own position, as well as the position of other people and also lets users make an SOS call by pressing a single button, thanks to an integrated SIM card. The ‘I’m Here’ is a joint venture with Zeromobile.

You can visit the I’m Watch site and view the full set of products and features.

Would you use a smart watch like this? What do you think of the product range and apps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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