The State of Mobile Content Marketing – Infographic

Feb 13, 13 The State of Mobile Content Marketing – Infographic

Content marketing is the new buzz-word floating around many agencies and marketing departments at the moment., but how does this new trend apply to mobile?

Exact Target have partnered with Compendium and the Marketing Tech Blog to create this infographic on content marketing in the mobile age. The infographic includes statistics from a number of sources including eMarketer, Compendium Research, ReturnPath and Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Find the full infographic below.

Is your company or brand thinking about content marketing for mobile? Let us know in the comments!


  1. AguaeSolution /

    Thanks for sharing this great infograh. Its really very informative.

  2. Roger /

    As promising as the iPhone statistics are, it’s dangerous to focus only on iPhone while mobilizing your campaign. In a lot of developing countries iPhone has the smallest share of all providers, such as South Africa. The guys from told me this when I was getting my mobile website made, look out for this especially if your website is hyper localized!

  3. Demo /

    Nice Infographic!

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