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Feb 22, 13 Welcome to a Smarter World – Carphone Warehouse

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A Smarter World, all thanks to smartphones

We all know someone, that friend or family member who doesn’t see why they would replace their trusty Nokia 3210. It’s a great phone after all…but it’s not a smartphone. Smartphones are better. But if you don’t know what a smartphone can do, then the phones of yesterday are hard to put down.

Which is why Carphone Warehouse has created A Smarter World.

 ‘You don’t need to carry books, standalone cameras and maps, all you need is a smartphone’

A Smarter World is the campaign to show everyone just what a smartphone can do, what it can replace, and why everyone who’s got one loves it. A Smarter World shows you that you don’t need to carry books and standalone cameras, maps and GPS devices, DVDs and MP3 players…all you need is a smartphone in your pocket.

How’s it done? All through video. A Smarter World will show a series of inspirational videos called Smarter Stories, showing how smartphones make anything possible. The first story follows a smartphone photographer on a photo essay in Barcelona, showing us how smartphone photography has changed his life.

‘Show us what you can do with your smartphone for your chance to win new smartphones and tablets.’

But that’s not all. A Smarter World doesn’t just involve Carphone Warehouse, it involves everyone. In fact, it’s a challenge: anyone is invited to create a video or take a picture, from the whacky to the awesome, showing how smartphones can do the craziest things.

The first challenge is about smartphone photography: upload your best picture and be in with the chance to win new smartphones and tablets.

Want to get involved? Want to show that certain someone who doesn’t know what all the smartphone fuss is about? Head over to A Smarter World…


  1. I feel very old fashioned with my Nokia 3310

  2. Violeta /

    Thanks for sharing this. Pictures for tablets. I don’t mind swapping. My new smartphone takes better pictures than my DSLR! Smartphone is definitely the way to go.

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