Vine Recruiting a Lead Engineer for Android App Development

Feb 24, 13 Vine Recruiting a Lead Engineer for Android App Development

Vine is a new video sharing platform, owned by Twitter, which allows users to record and share 6-second videos.

Since it’s launch in January, the video sharing app has exploded in popularity, which has evidently been a strain on their small three-person engineering team.  There have also been questions as to when an Android app will be appearing, since Vine is currently only available on iOS, but their limited resources have a new app launch look unlikely.

Well, if a recent job posting is any indication then we may be seeing an Android app sooner than we thought. Vine co-founder Colin Kroll tweeted that the they are looking to expand their New York City-based team with six new jobs:

One of the advertised positions is for a Lead Android Engineer who will be responsible for “lead development of the first version of Vine for Android.”

This is really great news for anyone who has been wanting to have a play around with Vine, but who doesn’t have access to an iPhone. It is clear that although the iPhone is very popular, the majority of smartphone users are actually using Android devices, which means that android application development is now a primary focus for many companies who are looking to reach as many people as possible with their apps.

Do you have an iOS app but not an Android app? Are you thinking of developing an app for the Android, or even Windows, platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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