Why Use Flat UI For Your Website?

Aug 08, 13 Why Use Flat UI For Your Website?

Flat UI is a new trend in web design that I am personally fond of if it fits the business image/industry.

It’s a highly modern, stylistic designing technique that I have personally used many times and here’s my advice on when to use it and the reason why you should use it.

Apps are growing and growing and the age range of the audience using them bring new issues with usability. I personally think that Flat UI can be a solution for this.

When To Use Flat UI Design?

Like I said, Flat UI design is a very modern, clean, stylish design that works VERY well in the web design / SEO / Marketing & digital industries, not for industries such as dry cleaners etc. This way of designing would go hand in hand with technical & web related websites.

Google+’s status update box

The Flat UI design has been used by Google+, Apple & even Microsoft so this is no ‘fad’ that will effect the way websites, programs and definitely operating systems (Just look at Windows 8) and it is here to stay.
Blogs look particularly great when using the Flat UI design, it keeps things simple and fresh as some blogs can be overwhelmed with graphics and adverts.

Lastly, my favorite reason for using Flat UI, it is a fun challenge for designers. I love creating websites like this as there is no room for error (As I will explain later in this blog post).

Why Use Flat UI Design?

First of all, it looks great on all browsers and computers as you won’t have the cross compatibility browser problems you get with gradients, shadows etc and it looks great on lots of different screen resolutions.

An example of Flat UI I have created for TST Web Design

When looking through a variety of amazing Flat UI design websites, I noticed that it makes it a lot easier on the eyes, less cluttered and easy to navigate through. No more issues of poorly designed buttons etc, just flat, easy to use buttons that are easy on the eyes.

What Are The Downfalls of Flat UI Design?

To me, the benefits outweigh the negatives but there are some fundamental floors that can not be ignored.

As I said, Flat UI is modern and stylish, this doesn’t mean that the people using your website with be modern and stylish. Some people just do not get it and this puts them off. Could you imagine your grandma using it? Not me.
Obviously this isn’t an issue if your target audience isn’t of that age group, but it is something to bear in mind.

Flat UI Design From Snowbird.com

From a designer’s point of view, it leaves very little wiggle room for error. You can’t cover up imperfections with a simple shadow or gradient, it is clean, crisp and sharp and very visible to everyone. Obviously I’m not saying designers cover up mistakes, this is just another pain whilst designing or coding.


To me, Flat UI design is a great way of creating sharp, clean, modern, beautiful websites and when done correctly, can look truly inspiring. Obviously these designs are not for everyone and I don’t think every website should adopt this way of designing, I do think it is here to stay and it will influence a huge amount of websites, apps, programs and graphic design.

Written by Tommy Leyland from TST Web Design

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  1. Absolutely perfect!!! Using UI design we can get better look of any website or apps.

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