Which 2013 Tablet is the Best for Gaming?

Jan 28, 14 Which 2013 Tablet is the Best for Gaming?

Apple has done it again and just in time for Christmas. Like a magician pulling white rabbits out of a hat, Apple has overcome all of those much talked about delays and released the new iPad mini 2 with retina display and there is little doubt that this is the best 2013 tablet for gaming. We can only offer our apologies to those who took our previous advice and rushed out and bought the new Nexus 7. A side by side comparison clearly demonstrates that compared with the iPad Mini 2 with its sleek aluminium case, the plastic Nexus 7 feels like a toy in comparison. The only criticism we can level at the iPad Mini 2 is its price tag. The basic 16 GB model costs it costs £320 compared to the £199 price tag of the Nexus 7.

Normally we would point out that if your idea of gaming was playing simple games such as Angry Birds or gambling at an online casino, then you don’t really need all the performance that is provided by a top end tablet and that you could get by with one of the cheaper models such as the Tesco Hudl. It is only for the high end console games that you need the kind of technology that you get on fast multi-core processor tablet with dedicated graphics processors. While that holds true, once you hold the sleek 7.9 inch iPad Mini 2 with its smooth machined aluminium case in your hand, and you view its ultra-clear retina display, you just know that there is no better tablet for gaming – whatever kind of games you play.

The only downside with the iPad Mini 2 is the display form factor. Today we are used to 10:6 form factors as found on many seven inch tablets such as the nexus 7. It is a natural for gaming and it is the same as our HDTVs, so it is an ideal one for tablets that we might wish to stream to TV. Unfortunately Apple has stuck to the 6:4 form factor, which seems just a little old fashioned. It is a little nit picking and not a real problem and everything else about the iPad mini 2 with retina display is spot on. If all this talk about gaming has got you in the mind to play some games head over to www.jackpotcity.co.uk/mobile-casino/iphone-casino and enjoy the wide variety of games.

photo credit: Rob Boudon via photopin cc

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