Top eCommerce App Trends of 2013

Jan 31, 14 Top eCommerce App Trends of 2013

Investing in Android eCommerce Apps is the new way to boost your business and reach out to a bigger audience. With many payment and shipping processes now becoming much more simplified, android app development has become invaluable to small business owners and big brands alike.

The way we use computers is constantly evolving – Desktops and laptops have had to make way for the smartphone and so the way consumers shop has changed dramatically. Once upon a time, the television was the main influence over our shopping preferences, but now the internet has taken the crown. However, up until recently consumers were forced to physically visit shops in order to compare prices and purchase. Now, with the advent of eCommerce, the concept of shopping has been completely revolutionized. When Ebay acquired PayPal in 2002 eCommerce exploded, bringing a new way of shopping into existence; buying from the internet. The following years saw the industry grow in leaps and bounds.

Mobile shopping, an extension of eCommerce, has seen an enormous increase in the last few years and with the now highly fashionable use of responsive web design has almost certainly had a positive impact. Going a step further, brands have now begun to incorporate in-app purchasing into their apps, giving consumers even more opportunities to buy. Restaurants, clothing brands and the travel industry really took advantage of this new trend, launching apps where users could browse, compare and purchase with a few simple taps.

While there are many hundreds of thousands of eCommerce apps available, there are a few trends which, if not ignored, can help ensure your brand’s app will be a success:


mobile coupons

Coupons have become a hot topic recently, enabling buyers to get great discounts and special offers on their favorite products. Groupon, Living Social and, most recently, Facebook Offers have been topping the app charts. Simplicity is the key to success here – It can be as simple as showing the coupon on your phone screen at the counter when you buy.

Brand loyalty apps

Loyalty cards have been in existence since before the internet was even around, although nowadays they are paperless, stored on your mobile phone. They work by collecting points every time you dine at a restaurant, or purchase something from a store. The collected points can then be redeemed for a free product or meal. Squiryl and Perx are popular loyalty apps, which also enable users to share their activities with friends on social media. Lately, however, other apps like Yelp and Foursquare have added to the idea and incorporated location based services into the functionality.

Fashion updates apps

Digital scrapbooks like Pinterest and Instagram have taken the fashion world by storm. These platforms are now often the primary means for bloggers to stay updated with the latest fashion news and releases. In addition, if the store across the road is your favorite place to shop, then ShopSpot is the app to see what’s new. Besides viewing the collections, you can follow, like and comment on the store, and if you want to buy something, a quick text via the app is all it takes.

Though there were a huge number of other successful eCommerce app released in the past year, the ones mentioned above topped the 2013 successful Android eCommerce Applications list. They were chosen mainly due to their simple interfaces and ease of the payment processes, thus putting user experience at the forefront.

Do you think eCommerce application development can boost your business? Which  apps have you found useful recently? Share your views with us in the comments below!

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