Project Management Systems for Web Designers

Feb 21, 14 Project Management Systems for Web Designers

A website put up by a business provides information about its products and services in a unique and engaging manner. By viewing this information and getting impressed with it, prospective customers and clients approach a business and buy its products or hire its services. Through a website, a business can reach up to a huge number of people around the globe and boost its sales and profitability in turn.

So websites are contributing towards success of businesses and that too in big way. To gain and profit more, more and more businesses are approaching web designers for the creation of their websites.

Websites are often developed as part of projects within a limited time frame and with limited allocation of budget and other resources. A written contractual obligation binds the business and its chosen web designer.

A web designer may be simultaneously working over a number of design projects for different clients. A website design development project starts with a client explaining his requirements to a designer. The designer notes them down and starts creating the design. Once he develops a design, he shows it to the client. The client after viewing it can tell if the design is perfect or if it needs to be corrected upon and can provide his ideas and suggestions for its refinement. The designer will rework on the design on the basis of client’s feedback. This process may get repeated multiple times till the design gets perfected and finally approved.

The geographical distances separating the designer and his clients make it impossible to have physical interaction between them. So feedback over designs cannot be arranged conveniently and fast enough which delays design development projects. Delaying of projects leads to added costs and even cause their failure. Also the designer’s reputation, profitability and marketability also gets affected due to delayed design creation and delivery.

Choosing emails for communication and collaboration over designs is not productive enough as an email sent by designer eliciting feedback from his client gets responded quite late by the client. And the delay can be as a long as to 5-6 hours to even a day or two. So it affects designer’s efficiency and delays review and approval of designs. Moreover emails do not support sharing and transfer of different file types and designs come in various file types. Emails also do not allow smooth transfer of large sized files and some design files are big sized. So emails cannot used for communication and collaboration over designs.

So web designers need an enterprising solution which enables fast design creation and can facilitate instant and accurate feedback over them.

An online project management system like ProofHub enables such improved communication and collaboration between a designer and his clients. It streamlines designers’ working and drastically improves their performance.

As a designer needs to take care of different clients’ assignments and remember their delivery dates, this tool enables sending timely email notifications to the designer, so he clearly remains aware of clients’ orders without forgetting or skipping them and can better focus on them and create them timely.

He or she can divide his time evenly between different assignments so that he might not overwork on some and underwork on others. Thus all assignments can be given adequate time and attention.

In some cases, a web designing firm consists of a number of designers and other related experts who are based in different locations working over common design projects, so they can instantly connect with each other and effortlessly communicate and collaborate with each other and achieve fast and quality results, so this tool improves their working quite significantly.

It reduces time spent over seeking client’s feedback and approval and aids in creation of client friendly and error free designs in minimum time. For inviting feedback from the client’s end through this tool, a designer adds his comments over a design in his browser and shares the design file with his client. The client will instantly view it in his browser and if not satisfied with it, can suggest changes or improvisations in textual form or by drawing shapes in it. By viewing the client’s suggestions, a designer can quickly rework on it and make it error free and then shares it for client’s approval which he readily approves. This reduces the number of steps involved over design’s refinement and approval and reduces time, costs and effort over it.

So this online proofing software tremendously improves efficiency of designers and helps them in timely development and delivery of accurate designs to the clients. Thus design projects get executed in an organized manner and accomplished timely with optimum utilization of budget and other resources.

It acts a perfect tool for review and proofing over different kinds of designs like brochures, website design, photographs, images, etc and enables their timely and quality creation.

It supports different file types like DOC, PDF besides others for sharing and transfer. It allows smooth sharing of big or small sized files. Multiple pages of a PDF file or one with a single page can be effectively proofed in one go. Multiple reviewers can review the same design at same time or differently. Different versions of a design can be readily accessed, compared and analyzed. So this proves to be immensely beneficial tool.

Designers, developers and other professionals employed with a web designing firm can perform their tasks in an organized, planned and sequenced manner which leads to timely accomplishment of design projects. Different tasks and duties can be better described, documented and assigned to respective team members. Timely email notifications are sent to them to apprise them of their approaching deadlines, so they can perform their tasks in a timely manner without forgetting them. This improves their productivity and makes them more accountable for their tasks. Any problems or issues affecting their work can be easily tracked and promptly and effectively resolved. So this task management software improves a design firm’s productivity and helps its team members to deliver timely and quality results with effective contribution from various team members.

This enterprising tool remarkably improves communication and collaboration among designers and clients which lead to timely development of client specific and accurate designs and graphics. Thus design projects get accomplished on time with due achievement of their objectives within the allocated budget and resources. The designers’ productivity and reputation also gets enhanced and they earn more appreciation and business from their satisfied clients. They are able to save costs and boost their revenue and profitability. So this results in a win-win situation for the both the designers and clients.

About the Author:

Sharon is a Business manager of ProofHub, a web based project management software that facilitates management of projects and helps in their faster and accurate accomplishment as per schedule. It enables the team members who are spread out in different locations in the world to collaborate over project matters. They can define, document, discuss, organize, coordinate, review and control different project matters efficiently which results in their quick resolution. With its use, organizational objectives can be achieved effectively along with the generation of intended gains and assets.

photo credit: moriza via photopin cc


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