Visually Impaired Man Runs Marathons Using Smartphone

Jun 25, 13 Visually Impaired Man Runs Marathons Using Smartphone

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*Post Sponsored by Carphone Warehouse* Simon Wheatcroft is an ultra-marathon runner who uses the latest smartphone technology and apps in order to overcome his diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition. Simon began losing his sight to this disease at the age of 13, and was classified blind when he turned...

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Fenton: 4GEE Remaster

Nov 16, 12 Fenton: 4GEE Remaster

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Sponsored Post by EE A year ago today, a roguesome Labrador named Fenton caused havoc as he chased a herd of deer across Richmond Park, London. But it was Fenton’s owner who had us all rolling with laughter as he followed exasperated across the fields shouting manically at his dog. Filmed on a mobile phone by a 13-year old boy,...

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Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook – Featuring Megan Fox

Nov 13, 12 Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook – Featuring Megan Fox

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Post sponsored by Acer Acer have released a great new Ultrabook – The new Aspire S7. With a Gorilla Glass casing, a backlit keyboard and HD touchscreen, it’s great for work and play in any environment. The ad campaign for the Acer Aspire S7 features Megan Fox, who bizarrely uses the Ultrabook to realise her passion of...

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NFC Business Cards from

Oct 03, 12 NFC Business Cards from

Posted by in Fun, NFC, a custom business card store, is testing new NFC-enabled business cards that can provide users with much more information than standard cards.  The business cards are embedded with tiny microchips, which, when touched to a smartphone, send data to complete tasks such as saving contact details, loading web pages or...

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Family Farm Creates World’s Largest QR Code

A family farm in Alberta has created the world’s largest QR code using a carefully grown corn field. The Kraay Family Farm is normally famous for their corn field mazes, and they have been growing them for 13 years, but their new creation has earned them an official Guinness Word Record. The QR code measures 29,000 square...

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Beautiful QR Code Paintings from Yiying Lu

Jun 09, 12 Beautiful QR Code Paintings from Yiying Lu

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Yiying Lu, the artist famous for creating Twitter’s Fail Whale, has showcased her latest project – Beautiful Traps QR Codes – with a video which you can see below. The artwork is painted predominantly in watercolours and features women wearing 7 different carnivorous plants as hats, which contain the QR codes...

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