4GEE at Work with Penketh Plumbing

*Post Sponsored by EE* Discover how this husband and wife plumbing and bathroom team use 4GEE to get the job done faster during the day, helping free up their evenings. Plus, by having Clone Phone it gives them peace of mind should they lose or damage their phone. We’re EE and we’re bringing you the UK’s first...

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Business Insider – The Future of Mobile Slide Deck

Apr 02, 12 Business Insider – The Future of Mobile Slide Deck

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On March 21st, Business Insider hosted their Ignition West: Future of Mobile conference in San Francisco. The aim of Ignition West was to explore the future of mobile through high-level discussions with executives and leading entrepreneurs as well as demos from emerging startups. Ignition West will discuss what’s happening...

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London Underground Stations to get WiFi in Time for Olympics

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that WiFi will be available on all London Underground station platforms in time for the Olympics this summer. The initiative was trialled at Charing Cross station in November 2010 began in November 2010 and the WiFi was made available by BT Openzone. Travel information could be viewed for...

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O2 Launches Europe’s Largest Free Wifi Hub in Time for London Olympics

Jan 10, 12 O2 Launches Europe’s Largest Free Wifi Hub in Time for London Olympics

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Network operator O2 is rolling out what is set to be Europe’s largest free wireless internet hub in time for the London 2012 Olympics this year. The deal, made between O2, Westminster City Council and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, will come at no cost to the taxpayer and looks to ensure that visitors to the...

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Mobile Usage In Teenagers Triples in 2011

2011 has seen huge increases in mobile use across all demographics, but teenagers have shown themselves to be the leaders for mobile usage this year. Nielson reports that teenagers have tripled their mobile data consumption in 2011 with 13-17 year olds using an average of 320MB of data per month in the third quarter – up a...

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Free WiFi in Central London Thanks to Nokia

Nokia has launched free WiFi in central London this week, with an initial trial lasting 2 months which may turn into a permanent service next year if the trial is successful. The 26 hotspots are located on phone boxes around Oxford Circus, Westminster and surrounding areas and are operated by Spectrum Interactive. Although free...

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