Top eCommerce App Trends of 2013

Jan 31, 14 Top eCommerce App Trends of 2013

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Investing in Android eCommerce Apps is the new way to boost your business and reach out to a bigger audience. With many payment and shipping processes now becoming much more simplified, android app development has become invaluable to small business owners and big brands alike. The way we use computers is constantly evolving –...

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Mobile Payments: Wallet in the Cloud or Pie in the Sky?

Jan 23, 14 Mobile Payments: Wallet in the Cloud or Pie in the Sky?

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Open Mobile Media have released a report on the subject of mobile commerce, detailing how ‘digital wallets’ could help put retailers and banks directly in touch with their customers. The report outlines the benefits of mobile wallets, which include improved customer loyalty and personalised communications. However, it is...

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5 Reasons Why Mobile Optimized Websites Are the Best Choice for Ecommerce Businesses

Let’s face it, online retailers need to make the most out of their mobile commerce marketing strategy. An increasing amount of people are moving away from desktop shopping, to shopping directly from the convenience of their mobile devices. As mobile traffic increases, it is essential for companies to provide the best user...

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5 Essential Components for a Successful Ecommerce Site

Most successful business owners will agree that creating a successful ecommerce site isn’t easy. Most people who fail make one big mistake: lack of planning. However, with proper planning, an ecommerce site can be successful. Below are some things that you need to plan into your website, to make it user-friendly and help boost...

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Marks & Spencer Best Retailer For Multichannel Customer Experience

Oct 01, 12 Marks & Spencer Best Retailer For Multichannel Customer Experience

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eDigitalResearch have published a report which found Marks & Spencer to be the best retailer at offering their customers a multichannel experience across three different channels. The eChannel Retail Benchmark study evaluated 14 retailer brands who have existing mobile websites and apps alongside their desktop sites in order...

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Webcredible’s mCommerce Report 2012

Sep 04, 12 Webcredible’s mCommerce Report 2012

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Webcredible have released their annual mCommerce report, which you can download directly from here. Mobile experience specialists at Webcredible looked at how consumers interact with their smartphones and tried to understand their natural mobile shopping habits, which helped create a useful starting point for brands who are...

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