M for Mobile Release NFC Payments Report

NFC looks set to enable transactions totalling around €87 billion worldwide by 2015 so it’s essential for businesses to know how to position themsleves in order to capitalise on this boom. In order to aid businesses looking to delve into NFC technology, M for Mobile have released their latest NFC Payments Report (2012-13),...

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NFC Business Cards from Moo.com

Oct 03, 12 NFC Business Cards from Moo.com

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Moo.com, a custom business card store, is testing new NFC-enabled business cards that can provide users with much more information than standard cards.  The business cards are embedded with tiny microchips, which, when touched to a smartphone, send data to complete tasks such as saving contact details, loading web pages or...

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NFC Posters Coming to a Cinema Near You

Sep 03, 12 NFC Posters Coming to a Cinema Near You

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DCM (Digital Cinema Media) has partnered with outdoor specialist Primesight to bring 100 NFC-enabled posters to cinemas across the UK. DCM states: “The state of the art units will unlock even more creative opportunities for advertisers and deliver more effective, targeted campaigns through ground-breaking technology, allowing...

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NFC for Mobile Payments Won’t Catch on Until 2015

NFC technology has come a long way since its inception in 1983 with the RFID patent, but it seems marketers have not yet caught on to its full potential. A recent study by Gartner found that whilst mobile payments are growing and transactions are likely to surpass $171.5 billion this year, NFC transactions are not expected to rise...

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NFC Infographic from Posterscope

Apr 11, 12 NFC Infographic from Posterscope

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Posterscope and Clear Channel have created an infographic following research on consumer adoption of mobile NFC. 1000 online interviews were conducted on smartphone owners from the USA and the UK and found insights into consumer awareness and understanding of NFC, QR Codes, Augmented Reality, Mobile Payments and other emerging...

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JCDecaux Brings NFC Technology to Reading Town Centre

The UK town of Reading has been chosen by JCDecaux, Europe’s largest out-of-home advertising company, to have all of the billboards, posters and bus stops in the town centre converted to include NFC technology. The project is being launched in conjunction with outdoor media agency Kinetic Worldwide and technology...

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