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Key Elements of Mobile Web Design

We are witnessing a very rapid change in the way in which people access the Internet nowadays. With the development of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, in particular), the primary focus of web design and development has shifted from designing for PCs to designing for mobile devices. Everyone is going mobile and it has been...

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How To Create a Great Mobile App – Infographic

Oct 25, 13 How To Create a Great Mobile App – Infographic

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Apadmi is an app development company based in the North West of England and they have used their expertise in the field to create this useful infographic listing their top 10 tips for creating a great mobile app. Apadmi have created apps for a number of big names including the BBC, Skyscanner and The Guardian newspaper. You can...

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4GEE at Work with Penketh Plumbing

*Post Sponsored by EE* Discover how this husband and wife plumbing and bathroom team use 4GEE to get the job done faster during the day, helping free up their evenings. Plus, by having Clone Phone it gives them peace of mind should they lose or damage their phone. We’re EE and we’re bringing you the UK’s first...

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How to Launch an SEO Friendly Mobile App

You may have adhered to all the right design and “manufacturing” principles to produce a fabulous mobile application. You may have also ensured that you have told all the right people about the availability of this application too. However, if you think you can stop at this stage, hoping that your fabulous mobile application...

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5 Reasons Why Mobile Optimized Websites Are the Best Choice for Ecommerce Businesses

Let’s face it, online retailers need to make the most out of their mobile commerce marketing strategy. An increasing amount of people are moving away from desktop shopping, to shopping directly from the convenience of their mobile devices. As mobile traffic increases, it is essential for companies to provide the best user...

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Transforming a Fixed Width Grid to a Flexible Grid

Responsive web design is continuing to grow as a web designer’s first choice when tackling mobile design. The first step to understanding responsive web design is by looking into the flexible grid and how it works. The problem with most traditional websites is that they were designed using pixels. While this was fine before the...

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Reasons To Use Responsive Web Design

Search engine optimization is the process of making a website highly visible to search engines so that it ranks high in search engine results pages. Since a well optimized website ranks high in search engine results pages, it can attract more visitors and increase traffic to the website. There are many ways that you can optimize a...

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Why Use Flat UI For Your Website?

Aug 08, 13 Why Use Flat UI For Your Website?

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Flat UI is a new trend in web design that I am personally fond of if it fits the business image/industry. It’s a highly modern, stylistic designing technique that I have personally used many times and here’s my advice on when to use it and the reason why you should use it. Apps are growing and growing and the age range of the...

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