Family Farm Creates World’s Largest QR Code

A family farm in Alberta has created the world’s largest QR code using a carefully grown corn field. The Kraay Family Farm is normally famous for their corn field mazes, and they have been growing them for 13 years, but their new creation has earned them an official Guinness Word Record. The QR code measures 29,000 square...

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Beautiful QR Code Paintings from Yiying Lu

Jun 09, 12 Beautiful QR Code Paintings from Yiying Lu

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Yiying Lu, the artist famous for creating Twitter’s Fail Whale, has showcased her latest project – Beautiful Traps QR Codes – with a video which you can see below. The artwork is painted predominantly in watercolours and features women wearing 7 different carnivorous plants as hats, which contain the QR codes...

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Crap Brapps – Name & Shame Rubbish Apps

Apr 28, 12 Crap Brapps – Name & Shame Rubbish Apps

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For all the help we try to give, some companies still get it very wrong when it comes to developing their own branded apps. So, in order to name and shame these terrible apps a new blog called Crap Brapps (Short for Branded-Apps) has been created. Some brands that appear on the blog include Bacardi, Puma, Polycell, KFC, Greggs...

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