Top eCommerce App Trends of 2013

Jan 31, 14 Top eCommerce App Trends of 2013

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Investing in Android eCommerce Apps is the new way to boost your business and reach out to a bigger audience. With many payment and shipping processes now becoming much more simplified, android app development has become invaluable to small business owners and big brands alike. The way we use computers is constantly evolving –...

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Webcredible’s mCommerce Report 2012

Sep 04, 12 Webcredible’s mCommerce Report 2012

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Webcredible have released their annual mCommerce report, which you can download directly from here. Mobile experience specialists at Webcredible looked at how consumers interact with their smartphones and tried to understand their natural mobile shopping habits, which helped create a useful starting point for brands who are...

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Will MCommerce Overtake ECommerce? – Infographic

Aug 07, 12 Will MCommerce Overtake ECommerce? – Infographic

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This infographic by BigCommerce discusses whether MCommerce will eventually overtake ECommerce, and some of the stats are very interesting. The infographic mentions QR codes, NFC and mobile wallets, the difference between men and women in terms of mobile purchasing, the most common purchases made on mobiles as well as some...

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Responsive eCommerce – Slides by Brendan Falkowski

Aug 05, 12 Responsive eCommerce – Slides by Brendan Falkowski

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Brendan Falkowski of Gravity Department recently delivered a presentation entitled “Responsive eCommerce: Design Once, Sell Everywhere” at Magento Imagine 2012 conference. The slides are excellent, with detailed backgrounds on the mobile industry and responsive design, multiple case studies and many technical...

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Optimising Mobile Landing Pages – Search Engine Watch’s Recommendations

Jul 31, 12 Optimising Mobile Landing Pages – Search Engine Watch’s Recommendations

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Search Engine Watch have published their recommendations for creating great mobile landing pages, titled Mobile Landing Page Optimization – 10 Best Practices for Success. Search Engine Watch state: “Landing pages can be used for PPC ads, mobile app downloads, promotional campaigns and more. Optimization tactics are...

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Companies Losing Out By Not Encouraging Mobile Purchases

In a previous post, we talked about how advertisers are not keeping up with users in terms of focusing their spend on areas other than mobile, despite users spending most of their time on their phones. This trend continues with mobile marketers who are ignoring users’ typical behaviour to the potential detriment of conversion...

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