7 Insane Mobile Marketing Statistics from Convince & Convert

Anybody who’s anybody knows that mobile marketing is the future that the key to any business’s success in the coming years will be down to how they adapt and optimise for the ever-changing mobile market. However, if you or your boss are still not convinced, this list of 7 mind-blowing mobile marketing statistics...

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Mobile is Key in Driving Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

As the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales approach, retailers everywhere will be looking to capitalise on mobile shoppers as much as possible. In recent years, businesses have successfully used mobile strategies within their holiday season sales campaigns, but this year the influence of mobile is set to dominate the market. Chia...

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Spend Time With a Feature Phone & Change Your Mobile Marketing Outlook

Joshua Malin, chief marketing officer of Ez Texting, recently lost his iPhone due to a combination of shallow pockets and puddle-stretching, but knowing the iPhone 5 was to be released in a matter of days, he decided to wait it out and use a feature phone, or ‘dumb’ phone, in the meantime. What he learnt over the next...

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Mobile Marketing Fact Pack From Ad Age

Ad Age has published their 2012 ‘Mobile Marketing Fact Pack‘ which contains a wealth of information on the current mobile marketing industry. The report includes the following chapters: Mobile Ad Spending US mobile ad spending by format and global mobile ad spend by region. Platform and OEM Smartphone subscribers by...

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Get Your Business Ready for Mobile with ‘The Mobile Playbook’ from Google

May 13, 12 Get Your Business Ready for Mobile with ‘The Mobile Playbook’ from Google

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Google has recently launched what they are calling “The Mobile Playbook” – A book-like mobile site which aims to help businesses who are wondering how to get their brand or products into the mobile market. Subtitled “The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile”, the book was written by Jason...

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