iPhone 5 Has a 4-inch Screen & No NFC

The iPhone 5 has arrived! And it seems that all the rumours were true… As we mentioned previously, the new model has a 4-inch screen (half an inch more than the previous iPhones) giving users 5 rows of apps instead of 4. There is still a Retina display which offers the same 326ppi as before, but with the extra length the...

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Optimise Your Images for Retina Displays with Retina Images

Apr 26, 12 Optimise Your Images for Retina Displays with Retina Images

Posted by in Mobile Web Design, Tablets

Following our post on optimising sites for the retina display, Jeremy Warboys of Complex Compulsions has a method for presenting high-res images to users without the device having to download both versions of the image. The method, called Retina Images, uses PHP to serve different images to the user based on the device they are...

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Optimising Your Site for the New iPad Retina Display

So, the new iPad, or iPad 3, has sold over 3,000,000 units in just 3 days and it’s not going to slow down any time soon, but whilst the retina display is one of the most talked about features of this new device it seems to be giving site owners and designers a bit of a headache. Essentially, the increased pixel density of the...

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