iPad Sees Drop in Market Share Over 2012 Christmas Period – Infographic

Jan 08, 13 iPad Sees Drop in Market Share Over 2012 Christmas Period – Infographic

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The team over at Chitika have created an infographic detailing the results of a recent study which used data from hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet impressions from the Chitika Ad network. The study looked at market the shares of the most popular smartphones and tablets and the changes that were seen over the 2012...

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Mobile Advertising Not Getting Attention It Deserves

A recent post on The Atlantic by Derek Thompson highlights the disparity between how consumers are spending their time and where companies are spending their advertising budgets. The below graph shows that, currently, 10% of consumers’ attention is focused on mobile devices, with print receiving just 7% of attention. In...

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Study Shows Not Enough Research Going Into Apps

Following a new report from Juniper Research, more than 66 billion mobile apps are predicted to be downloaded by the year 2016.  This figure is up 112% from 31 billion in 2011. The research also states that by 2016, revenue from mobile apps will reach $51.7 billion. Juniper looked at the next four years in terms of mobile apps and...

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Optimising Your Site for the New iPad Retina Display

So, the new iPad, or iPad 3, has sold over 3,000,000 units in just 3 days and it’s not going to slow down any time soon, but whilst the retina display is one of the most talked about features of this new device it seems to be giving site owners and designers a bit of a headache. Essentially, the increased pixel density of the...

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Mobify Launches New Tablet Optimisation Tool

Mar 08, 12 Mobify Launches New Tablet Optimisation Tool

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Mobify, a platform for launching mobile websites, has launched an optimisation product for tablets which aims to make it easier to convert desktop websites to more tablet-friendly designs. Some of the ways it improves site for tablets are optimising text for tablet-based reading, reducing load times, simplifying the layout and...

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Cisco Predicts More Mobiles Than People in 2012

Cisco have published their latest Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, which includes traffic projections and growth trends for mobile for 2011 to 2016. One of the highlights of this report is the prediction that very soon there will be more mobile devices than there are people on the planet. Cisco says: “By the end...

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